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Blue Blood...

Blue Blood… aristocrat, nobleman, explorer… gentleman. His scent is that of sweet pipe tobacco & stout black tea, ripened fruit & crushed clove… exotic citrus, sweet hay, with a lovely heart of rose and lavender absolute to round it out; underscored by rich, balsamic bourbon vanilla, dark patchouli & just a hint of smoky oakmoss. Surrounding it all are notes of teak & mahogany, leather-bound books & hand-penned parchment maps. A hint of elegant musk melds it all together.

This blend contains some of the most precious essences in my collection – absolutes of hay, lavender, two different roses, & bourbon vanilla. It starts out warm & quite complex, hints of ripened dark fruits & sharp clove, with a whisper of sweet hay, leather, & musk…. The faintest breath of Moroccan & Bulgarian rose absolutes adding depth & complexity without turning this scent floral. It dries down on me to a fragrant blend of almost powdery, softened clove & subdued oakmoss – the leather & musk lending a minor supporting role in the overall drydown.

While the name tends to gear it more to the masculine crowd, it is a complex blend that is perfectly unisex, every bit as delicious on her as it is on him – especially for the ladies who like a little kick to their scents.

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