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Wicked Jack... Limited Edition!

Wicked Jack.... Wicked Jack smells wickedly delicious & is extremely limited edition! It contains some of the most exquisite & expensive absolutes & essentials in my collection of perfumery materials. Mmmmmmm.

Lavender absolute blended with pumpkin, fragrant ginger, cinnamon, & cloves - underscored by vanilla, cream, & caramelized sugar - and just a titch of molasses. A whisper of sweet hay & the faintest breath of rich & complex beeswax absolutes round it out. Haitian sandalwood & dark patchouli come together to anchor it all, and the addition of blood orange gives it a distinct orange spice tea scent straight out of the bottle. It dries down to a lovely spicy scent on the skin, which is where the gorgeous note of spiced honey laced with traces of wildflower & sweet grass really shines - that's the beeswax absolute making itself known.

Blended in a base of skin-loving fractionated coconut oil and presented to you in a 7.5ml amber glass vial, it will arrive suitably packaged for gifting in a gorgeous floral embossed gift box tied with ribbon. Perfect for gifting someone else or simply for treating yourself to something fun and unique.

Your perfume oil is blended upon order, so please allow 24-48 hours for your lovelies to ship.... and keep in mind, they only grow more beautiful the longer they are left to "marry".

Perfume oils do not scream at others from the opposite side of the room "Hey! Smell me! I'm over here!" the way many traditional alcohol-based perfumes do. Instead, they wear close to the skin & are intended to be reapplied every few hours throughout the day to refresh the scent. They are typically only noticed by yourself & those who may embrace you... unless you're so enamored by the scent that you find yourself asking others to sniff your wrist. ;-) They work in concert with our own body chemistry to create a scent that is truly unique to each individual in not only fragrance, but also in longevity on the skin. Particularly in blends that contain many natural essences you'll find that they do not wear as long as synthetic fragrances do because they do not contain the synthetic materials used to extend the fragrance.

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