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Absinthe Sucre...

La Fée Verte... We all know her tawdry history. Her popularity among all classes of imbibers, from the bourgeois to the bohemian set to the poorest of the working class. Her rise, her fall... her branding as a "ferocious beast", a "slayer of men"... and now, her rise again.

Well, let me tell you, my Absinthe Sucre is The Green Fairy on a sugar binge! Spicy-sweet fennel, anise, & wormwood are wrapped up in a velvet cocoon of cream, caramelized sugar, & rich vanilla... underscored by a warm woody base swirling with whispers of sweet dried tobacco leaf. If you close your eyes & linger long enough, you may just catch the tiniest drop of white musk lurking in the background, warmed in the embrace of an elegant amber.

Sweet, buttery, unique... it just may have someone wanting to take a bite out of you! It has just the right amount of that licorice bite without coming across as a "licorice candy" scent, but if sweet, heavy, gourmand (foody) scents aren't your thing then this one likely is not for you. ;-)

Blended in a base of skin-loving fractionated coconut oil and presented to you in a 7.5ml amber glass vial, it will arrive suitably packaged for gifting in a gorgeous floral embossed gift box tied with ribbon. Perfect for gifting someone else or simply for treating yourself to something fun and unique.

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