Notes From The Universe...


Who Doesn't Need A Little Sunshine In Their Life?

Sunshine! This scent is pure, glorious, unadulterated sunshine! Notes of bright pink grapefruit & clementine come together with ripe strawberry, honeydew, & kiwi - rounded out with sweet, juicy peach.

This magnificently bright scent quickly became my favorite go-to "happy" fragrance when I first blended it as a custom request for a friend. When I need a mood boost, this is THE juice to do just the trick. I can't help but smile when I take a whiff of this one, it always elevates my mood. It is uplifting, invigorating, & smells good enough to eat - but please don't. ;-)

Some citrus essential oils can cause photo-sensitivity... so do be careful where you dab this one if you'll be out in the sun when wearing it. ;-)

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