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As promised, the return of the perfume oils! To kick it off, I'm introducing a brand new scent - Fómhar… “autumn”. An ode to my Irish roots.

Ohhhhhh…… Autumn. My favorite time of year. There is a crispness to the air, a different quality to the sunlight. And for whatever reason, it brings with it memories that are attached to certain scents. Autumn, for me, is precious woods & a whisper of dry leaves, carrying with them bitter chocolate, caramel, a hint of rich vanilla, along with the faintest whisper of sweet pipe tobacco.

This is my new personal scent – when I wear it I cannot stop smelling my wrists. It goes on with a dry, woody scent, underscored by bitter chocolate. It quickly dries down into a gorgeous mélange of vanilla & caramel which adds some sweetness & depth to the chocolate, all layered over the rich scent of dried tobacco leaf, the faintest hint of dry, earthy autumn leaves swirling through the background.

As far as I’m concerned, this is perfectly unisex & would smell just as divine on men as it does on women.

Precious myrrh, amyris (also known as Haitian sandalwood), cocao, vanilla, a breath of patchouli & a whisper of caramel, blended in a base of skin-loving fractionated coconut & jojoba oils. Presented to you in a 7.5ml amber glass vial.

*Since this blend does contain both pure essential oils & fragrance oils, please be aware that some essential oils are not safe for use during pregnancy. As such, please do not use if you’re pregnant.

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