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Nomad…. This one, now this one, my lovelies, is nothing short of pure, unadulterated beauty. Rich, earthy, complex beauty. My, my. The finest amber, essences, & absolutes from around the globe come together to create this sumptuous elixir.

Nomad is not for the faint of heart – it’s comprised of the richest, most elegant, buttery amber I’ve been able to lay my hands on… infused with exotic cardamom for a bit of a spicy, sultry kick. The effect is softened with peru balsam and grounded with the finest grade of aged dark patchouli, while a blend of dry exotic woods balances the whole glorious mélange on an elegant, smoky base.

This exquisite concoction is right at home on both the ladies & the gents… bold enough for masculine wear, but certainly quite fitting for those of the fairer sex who possess within their demeanor a bit of sass & derring-do.

Comprised of 100% natural ingredients. The price on this blend reflects the cost of the premium quality essences & fine amber that go into creating this golden nectar. It is quite worth the indulgence… I do hope you’ll enjoy!

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