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Well, as my last few posts have indicated, yes, I am a procrastinator. And a very BUSY procrastinator. Hence the procrastination. Lol.

I have promised myself that I'm going to get myself into the habit of sitting down and finding something to share here at least a couple of times a week. This was supposed to be cathartic for me, and a way to help fuel my creativity and to keep me motivated.

So. Here I am. And I do have something lovely to share today! I was very flattered to have Michelle Rudland from About You Designs request an interview and the use of some of my photos in order to do a write-up on one of her blogs about my jewelry. She paid me many kind compliments of which I'm very appreciative, though not certain I'm fully deserving of. Lol.

If you'd like to check out the interview, visit About You Designs.

Michelle is a very talented photographer and designer, so be sure to check out all she has to offer! About You Photography.

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Anonymous said...

You are very deserving! Your work is simply amazing!
I love every bit of it!
And since your work is something I love (and plan on buying very soon! LOL) and believe in, I believe in letting others know about it!