Notes From The Universe...


The tax man cometh...

...and I teareth outeth my hair.... or something like that. Lol.

Yes, I realize I still have plenty of time before April 15th, but am really trying to get everything in as early as possible this year in order to avoid any further undue stress than is absolutely necessary. Is that even possible? Lol.

Now, can someone please tell me why this picture haunts me? When I look at it it's like someone has sucked the air from my lungs & I'm overcome with a feeling of deep's like I KNOW this place for some reason. And whatever the reason is, I fear it wasn't a happy one....

Hmmmmm..... the part of me that believes in past lives & reincarnation has to wonder if this particular place played an important role for me in a previous existence.

Just makes me wonder.

And none of this has anything to do with my jewelry. Other than strong emotions like this are quite often very inspiring to me in my creative process.

Stay tuned.

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