Notes From The Universe...


As I promised myself...

...I've managed to make it two days in a row posting. That may be a new personal record for me. LOL.

I am still scrambling to get caught up and to replenish my shop with lots of new creations after a very busy holiday season. I have all kinds of wonderful vintage stones and brass filigree just waiting for me on my workbench.

Now, to find the time to actually sit down & do something about that.

Which brings me to my next thought.

In the interview with Michelle Rudland of About You Designs, one of the questions she asked was if there were any other artistic pursuits I'd like to dive into. Yes, oh yes. MANY. Which got me to thinking about all the different things I'm interested in, all the different creative avenues that are out there & just how many intrigue me. Which makes me think about just how much of a procrastinator I am. I think that it doesn't help that there are SO MANY different things I'd love to dabble in that it overwhelms me & I don't know where to begin. So I just don't begin anything new. Lol.

I do love to write, have loved to write my entire life. It is still a dream of mine, albeit possibly nothing more than a pipe dream, to be a published author. I have numerous pieces in various stages of completion that have been hanging around for, in many cases, years. I've won or placed well in a few writing contests. But just can't seem to sit down and actually finish my full-length novel. And oh, how I love my characters. They are very near & dear to my heart. I really do want to get their story out and finished. Maybe then they'll leave me alone. Lol.

I would also really love to learn lampworking. And no, for those of you who may not know, that doesn't involve in any way, shape, or form creating gorgeous artistic glass beads using a torch, cane glass, & a kiln to explain it simply. There are MANY awesome examples of this fine talent to be found in the Etsy shop, Flamekeeper. This particular bead, Cobbler, happens to be one of my favorites in Flamekeeper's shop. Along with this one, Petrified. It absolutely amazes me the wide-array of designs that can be achieved, as is well-evidenced within this amazing shop.

I'd also love to work on the potter's wheel again.

And work with leaded glass again.

Basketry, again.

Silver art clay.


And this is just the short list. Lol.

Most likely my next adventure will be diving into the silver art clay. Unless I can get my hands on a potter's wheel first. But a potter's wheel also means a kiln. And, alas, I don't have that much money saved up just yet.


pyropagan said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my shop :D If you ever want to learn, come visit!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome beads! the colors! Wow! Go for it!
Always a fan!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sites...thanks for sharing...