Notes From The Universe...


Wow... Can't believe it's been two months....

...since I last posted!

I had tremendous success at a couple of recent craft shows/expos that I set up at, which is great news!

I decided it was time to revamp my Etsy shop a bit, so I went on a search to find someone to create a new banner. I ended up not being able to choose just one, so I purchased two from two different designers who put in a bid for me. I tend to get bored easily, so I decided that it would at least enable me to swap them out on occasion! LOL!

I have to give a big shout-out to WinchesterLambourne on Etsy. She did a phenomenal job pegging one of the many ideas I had floating about in my head when she created this banner -

And a big thanks to BannerChild for this stunning creation as well -

I think it's easy to see why I couldn't choose just one! WinchesterLambourne hit on that rich, classical look I was after, and BannerChild really hit the nail on the head with the whole eclectic, funky, Gypsy feel.

If you need any kind of banner, avatar, or business card design created, I highly recommend that you visit either one of these ladies. You won't be disappointed that you did!

Also, a big thanks to BannerChild for featuring one of my rings on her blog, you can view it here. She featured my 'Queen of The Marsh' dragonfly ring. How cool is that of her???


bannerchild said...

Thank you! It was a true pleasure working with you on this!

The Designer... said...

You are very welcome, I love the result!

NuinOfTheWoods said...

Oh my gosh! These banners are gorgeous!! I L-O-V-E them both.

And of course I'm just in love with all of your pieces, they just get better and better with time. Talk about FUNKY! =) (I need to do some shopping)

Keep up the great work Sis.

Alina said...

Thank you so much. :D