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Brand New....

I've now added these classy little dark amber 5ml roll on bottles to the perfume lineup. Absolutely love them! I have the first scent up in the shop in these little beauties, read on.

Boudoir... Vanilla and amber tempered with elegant woods. This isn't a sweet vanilla - but a rich creamy one with sensual smoky undertones & a bit of dryness from the wood. A smoky oak note really comes to the forefront in this one. It has consistently been a favorite among friends, family, & clients.

In my opinion, this is quite unisex.

I frequently make candles for myself, this scent being one of my favorites to use. It never fails when I'm burning this scent that I repeatedly have people who visit my home ask "WHAT is that scent? I want that!" It's a similar reaction when I'm wearing it as a personal fragrance as well. Delectable....quite sensual & smoky!

All my scents will be available in both the 5ml amber roll on as well as the 7.5ml amber screw-top bottles. Don't see your scent in the bottle you'd like? Simply convo me at Etsy & I'll be happy to put up a listing for you.

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