Notes From The Universe...


Not a whole lot... write about today. Just been busy, busy, busy packing up orders and getting them in the mail. I've also been spending a lot of time at my workbench for a change, which is a good thing!

I just finished up a lovely commissioned set of necklaces for a bride, her maid of honor, and two bridesmaids. You can see pictures on the right side of the page. :-)

I've added lots of photos here over the last few days, so be sure to scroll down to see what's new. You can click on each photo to be taken out to that specific item's listing in my Etsy shop to read more about them. If you're interested in something & it's already marked as sold, don't hesitate to contact me. In most cases, even though my items are pretty one-of-a-kind, I can duplicate something pretty closely for you. As always, I'm thrilled to receive custom requests and love designing specific pieces for folks.

I've also been trying to get stock made ahead in order to have enough to fill up my booth for the Home & Garden Expo 2009 at the Park Co. far, most of what I'm trying to make ahead is selling out. LOL! This is a good thing, but makes it tough for me to get ahead on stock!

Til next time...

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