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It is...

...up & running! My supply shop, that is. :-) You can take a peek, if you'd like... Midnight Gypsy Caravan.

We are still a little bare bones as I work on getting everything listed. Right now I have an inventory of components from Vintaj Natural Brass that I've listed, and I'll be putting in a rather large order with my raw brass supplier in the next week or so. THAT is the order I'm excited about. Squeeee!

And of course, a new shop needs a special new I commissioned the help of Erin of Swieky Siggies to create just the perfect one, and what a marvelous job she did! See for yourself!

I would highly recommend Erin for any graphic design needs that you may have! She's fun, friendly, and professional. Be sure to click her link above to visit her shop at Etsy.

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swiekysiggies said...

I have to thank you so much for contacting me for a banner. I absolutely love to do this type of graphic art, and yours was just so fun to make. Thank you for mentioning me, you're a gem!