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Creative Settings with Brass....

I have recently fallen head over heels for the vintage inspired filigree jewelry. I use to be a die-hard silver fan, and while silver remains one of my favorites, I can't deny there is just something about these vintage-inspired pieces.

I've started slowly, and simply, working with 'creative settings' constructed from brass filigree and I'm really enjoying myself. I can definitely see this becoming a new passion of mine. I have my budding line set up in its own Etsy shop, Midnight Gypsy, and so far I've had nothing but positive responses. I'm really excited at the new possibilities this opens up for me and my business.

We have a Spring Festival coming up May 3rd that a friend and I are sharing a booth at. It will be my first ever show, and while I'm excited I'm also scared to death. I'm hoping my newest creations will sell well for me.

You can see a few items from my new line in the photos on the right, or come visit me at Midnight Gypsy!

I do have to say that discovering Etsy was one of the greatest boosts I could've given my jewelry business. I love the Etsy community!

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