Notes From The Universe...


And yet again..... procrastinating!


I've tried to be better, but procrastination always seems to get the best of me.

I guess since I've joined the Etsy Sellers Who Blog webring I'd darn well better be blogging if I want people to visit me, huh?

Of course, I do have a bit of an excuse... well, for at least the last week or so (but not the 3-4 prior to that since I last blogged!). We've all been sick, sick, SICK! Hubby has been home all week after going to the doctor on Monday, he's got a bad case of bronchitis. Finally took the munchkin & myself into the Express Care clinic on Tuesday because we've both been quite sick as well. We've all spent the entire week laying in bed watching old movies & just being miserable together.

Hubby went back to work today, and I'm feeling a bit better as well. I'm hoping we don't have a relapse for the third time. This is getting old.

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