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Party Time!

YES! YES! YES! Our DSL issue is finally resolved. Today was the 21st day I've been without internet access from my PC until literally about 10 minutes ago. I am so relieved I could cry. This has been a nightmare for me! With ALL of my business being run online through my website and my Etsy shop, along with printing my postage and labels from PayPal, it has seriously slowed down my production time. I'm just thankful I had internet access through my phone so I could stay on top of everything, even if it was at a snail's pace and having to hand write labels and make trips to the post office every day.

Party time!! Use coupon code PARTY20 for 20% off everything in the shop for the next 48 hours in celebration! Woohoo!

Now I can get those new blends listed in the shops!

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