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Fresh From My Humble Little Formulary...

Four brand new blends are up on the website and in the Etsy shop!  You can place orders through either place, but sample orders are easier to place through the Etsy shop.  Just a head's up. 

Plus, sneak peeks at releases that are on the horizon...

So - here are the brand spankin' new ones:

Feather, feather, light as a feather...

After many, many requests from clients, I've finally decided to offer a simple white musk accord. This is soft, understated, wears close to the body and seems to really "bloom" on the skin. If you're looking for a musk scent with a powerful throw, this is not the one for you. This is light and whispery on the skin, clean, fresh, and each individual's unique body chemistry will make this scent their own. In spite of it's soft nature, this does have quite a bit of tenacity on me.

 Epona... Epona, which means "Great Mare" in the Gaulish language, was revered and worshiped by the ancient Celtic people as a loving protector of horses, donkeys and other animals. Common representations of her are a horse figure, a mare and foal or as a woman on horseback. She was also a goddess of fertility, re-birth and abundance. Although originally a Celtic goddess, she was eventually widely accepted by the Romans, who viewed her as a protector of their cavalry.

Epona's scent is rich and wild...a hillside meadow in the summer sun. Notes of sweet bulgarian rose come together with fruity jasmine sambac, warmed with fragrant hay and the earthy sweetness of beeswax absolute. A gorgeous floral lavender absolute rounds it out a bit, and smoky amyris and sweet benzoin resin anchor it all.

Comprised of all-natural essences, absolutes, and essential oils. No synthetics. Due to the expense of the materials used in this blend, it is a little pricier than many of my others, but oh so worth it.

Eidolon – Apparition, phantom, shade….  This is a rich, earthy floral scent that will whisper along your skin, enveloping you in a dreamy shroud of redolent bliss. This is not a sweet floral, nor a headache-inducing synthetic floral… this is true, rich, Bulgarian rose absolute – the finest in the world - grounded with a trio of earthy sandalwoods and faintly sweetened with creamy orange blossom.

Again, this one is a little pricier due to the cost of rose absolute and sandalwood, but very worth it.

Thanks so much to Liam at FromOldBooks for the images used above.

 Who hath constructed the elements
And their atoms' configuration?
Who hath designed every molecule
And shapes their chemical formation?

~ From Master of The Universe by Udiah

A Veil of Stars... White musk with honey, peaches and apples fresh from the trees, Moroccan rose, Madagascar vanilla, and beeswax absolute. Creamy orange blossom rounds it out and Frankincense and myrrh ground this sweet, fresh, uplifting scent. This scent has fabulous tenacity on my skin.

And I PROMISE... actual photos of labels with the newest listings (Persephone Undone, Hesperides, Feather, Epona, Eidolon, A Veil of Stars) are coming soon!  My camera took a nosedive a few weeks ago when it was on the tripod and I've been trying to decide whether to spend the money to have it repaired or to purchase a new camera.  This camera is a very nice, very expensive camera that I've had for about eight years now.  In the meantime, I've been trying to get the hang of working with hubby's little digital camera and figuring it out and how to get the best photos of my products with it.  Figuring out the right settings is a bit of a learning curve, I knew my old camera inside and out.  This one, not so much.

And now, sneak peeks at what is currently in the formulary and in the final "tweaking" stages....

A Murder of Crows - Deep, smoky amyris sandalwood with an infusion of cocao absolute, honey, a splash of coconut milk, a whisper of carnation and a light, fresh patchouli note.

Wahini -  Sweet vanilla and white musk with coconut milk, plumeria, gardenia, and fig.  Palm fronds and teak ground it, while the faintest whisper of fresh ginger gives it lift.

Lothario - Deep, earthy patchouli balanced with the freshness of cedar and vetiver.  Ginger gives it a spicy kick, and Madagascar vanilla helps smooth it all out.  For the gents (and broads!) who like themselves some serious patchouli!

Chatelaine - Lilac and deep rose besmirched by ebony musk.  Black tea brings a faintly earthy note, while black pepper and carnation lend a pleasantly fiery kick.  This is a deeply sexy, floral scent and you can really smell the lilac on the drydown.

Later, dahlings!


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