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I feel as if a veil has been lifted...

As those of you who occasionally peek in on my blog may remember, I posted a picture that I mentioned has haunted me from the very first time I laid eyes on it...I had no idea where the picture was taken, the caption simply said Scotland, although I felt like it looked more like Ireland.

Well, I feel like a veil has been lifted & I absolutely got goosebumps this morning to find out that the picture is of the Cliff of Maher on the west coast of Ireland. The cliffs are in County Clare just north of River Shannon.

There have been many things moving in my life ever since I had my reading done, and this is just one more piece to the puzzle it feels. Especially since I am of Irish heritage, though much of my family history has been lost I fear. I've tried off & on for several years to find information regarding my grandfather & his parents, but always come up with dead ends.

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