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In keeping with my attempt to post more often... I am.

I've been trying to find time to just sit down & work on jewelry as my Etsy shop is pretty bare-bones at the moment. It's tough to find more than about two minutes at a stretch to sit down & concentrate on anything with a toddler in the house, and some days with TWO toddlers in the house. Add to this the fact, as many who may know me or follow this blog are aware, that I'm a procrastinator....and well, it can get ugly. Lol. I hate the fact that I'm a procrastinator. I really do. And I try really hard most days to overcome that thing about myself that drives me batty. It's a constant struggle for me, that's for certain.

I did actually manage this morning to get my torch out...and some brass pieces that I need to work on. Now just to wait for the toddlers to take their nap so I can sneak out back to work for a bit before they wake up. LOL.

Now on to cheerier news....Lol. I hate the USPS. I really think I do. I mean, I realize full-well that they handle billions of pieces of mail on a daily basis. But WHY, oh WHY, does it always have to be MY mail that they lose? Sigggggghhhhhhh..... I mailed a set of VERY one-of-a-kind earrings that I created to a client mid-January, I just adored these earrings, so did she... You guessed it. They STILL haven't arrived. These were created from vintage (as in 1920's-1930's era) glass gems & brass filigree & were quite lovely. Sigggggghhhhh. When will I learn to listen to my gut? I haven't insured much of anything going through the mail for quite awhile now, unless it is something that is more than about $50, as I'd actually been having really good luck & no missing packages for a long stretch now. But as I stood in line that day, a little voice kept telling me I'd better insure that package...but I didn't. Grrrrrr. While insurance wouldn't have actually insured that they ARRIVED, it would have at least paid for the costs for my materials.

Well, I suppose I should go get the munchkins down for their morning nap so I can get outside & get to work.

Stay tuned...and thanks to those who actually come out here to read my random & often, I'm sure, incoherent ramblings. Lol.

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