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Deer Piss & Dewdrops.... yes, you read that right.  Deer Piss & Dewdrops!  

Fresh, watery top notes come together with syrupy sweet champa blossom and sun-warmed hay - supported by smoky sandalwood and just the faintest fleeting whiff of leathery oakmoss.  A whisper of deep golden musk is cloaked at the furthest edges of this playfully sweet and feminine floral scent.

So why a name like Deer Piss & Dewdrops?  Well, why not?  I tend to have a cheeky side, after all... as many of you who know me personally can attest.

This scent starts of with fleeting watery notes at the top - transitioning immediately into a piercing but short-lived musk deer note that gives way to rich earthy hay, ultimately drying down to a syrupy sweet bouquet of golden blossoms.  Definitely girly, definitely floral, definitely SWEET. 

Don't worry, lovelies... Bambi and his forest pals were not harmed in the creation of this blend, the deer musk is synthetic - and a spectacularly accurate one at that!

This scent will go live on the website on Wednesday, September 12th!


RJS said...

I just ordered another perfume from you on Etsy. This one also sounds wonderful, and I love the unusual name. I think that the scentsational, Snooty Rose should review this.

Midnight Gypsy said...

Thank you so much for your continued support and the very kind words - I greatly appreciate it! :-)