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New Facebook Page...

Alright, dahlings, I've set up a brand new Facebook business page.  I chose to migrate from the old one for a few reasons.  If you'd like to migrate with me, you can find the new page here.

Starting in August I'll be featuring random give-aways, more shop and website coupon codes that you'll only find on the new Facebook page, and lots of other fun ideas. Don't miss out, and be sure to share the new page with all your friends who love unique handcrafted perfumes as well! :-) 

As always, I have lots of new stuff in the works and have something to suit the tastes of just about everyone.  Within the next 30 days or so I will be offering "traditional" alcohol-based perfumes as well.  I've procured some lovely frosted 1oz bottles with gold atomizer caps that I think will fit the bill nicely.  Exactly which of my scents will be available in both versions remains to be seen.  Some blends play more nicely in perfumer's alcohol than others.  I'll keep ya'll posted. 


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