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Mere Mortal Men...

Artorius, my sweetlings, is a magnificent concoction - a true creature of pure primal magnetism, a bold and unabashedly masculine brew. Deep, dark, rich and utterly divine, this hypnotizing blend is a melding of the finest grade of fossilized amber with precious frankincense and sandalwood, earthy cedar and a healthy dose of smoky oakmoss and vetiver. Just the tiniest titch of black pepper and patchouli round things out a bit.

Comprised of completely natural ingredients.

Artorius... or Arthur as he's more commonly known, was the legendary man who led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early 6th century. Since most any factual accounts of his life have been lost to the mists of time, his story is primarily composed of folklore and literary embellishment... romanticized and "purdied up" for general consumption over the last many centuries.

Knights in shining armor, the fair and delicate Guinevere, and a glittering castle known as Camelot... these flights of fancy are not for me. Nay, I prefer the notion of men in world-weary leather trappings astride horses, brandishing hand-forged weapons... dirt and grit and grime and guts and heart, fire-scorched earth and smoke-darkened sky. THAT, my pretties, for me, is Artorius.

Did I say Artorius is unabashedly masculine? Well, he is... but ladies, don't be frightened away by Artorius' bold demeanor... his scent is equally at home upon the skin of ladies who possess a certain, shall we say, "sauciness", about them. Rich, buttery amber and smoky oakmoss are just as at home on the ladies who like some "sultry" to their scent as they are on the gents. When I wear Artorius on my wrists, I can't stop myself from constantly pressing them to my face for another deep whiff.

Blended in a proprietary base of sesame, rice bran, sweet almond, jojoba, & apricot kernel oils and presented to you in a 10ml amber glass roll on bottle, it will arrive suitably packaged for gifting in a gorgeous floral embossed gift box tied with ribbon. Perfect for gifting someone else or simply for treating yourself to something fun and unique.


Albina Rose said...

Being a lover of fantasy, faerie tales and romance, you know I LOVE this! <3

Midnight Gypsy said...

Thank you! ♥