Notes From The Universe...


Lots 'o new lovelies....

...going up in my shop over the next few days. I'm really excited because I got my first shipment of components in from a new supplier and they are just SUPERB. I've been creating my little heart out. :-)

Be sure to saunter on over and check out the latest... You can also click on any of the photos in the right sidebar to be taken directly to that item's listing in my shop. Many of my items are one-of-a-kind, but in some cases I'm able to recreate a particular piece if you spot something in my "Sold Items" section that really tickles your fancy. Don't be shy...just drop me a message & I'll be happy to try and accommodate you.

Christmas is fast approaching and this time of year is always crazy busy for me, so if you're thinking you may want a custom piece for gift giving be sure to contact me in NOW. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, make sure you keeping checking back at my shop over the next few days and weeks for lots of fun new pieces.

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